Week 3

Hola familias,

This week was a great success! The students have been very busy with classes, afternoon activities, and service learning activities. We had classes Monday-Friday this week and everyone is adjusting well to the daily schedule here in Viña. On Monday we had the opportunity to work with Amanda Lorca, a local professional actress and theatre instructor. That afternoon, she led a few improve activities and theatre games. The students had a great time working with Amanda and are looking forward to next week’s theatre activity.

On Tuesday the students had dance and music again and continued to work on the same songs and dances they learned last week. Some students even brought their instruments! We have many talented musicians in our group and it has been wonderful to see them bring their own individual talents into the music workshop each week.


On Wednesday the instructors surprised the students with a “movie night” in the church hall. We have had a pretty busy schedule these past couple of weeks and were in need of a more relaxing afternoon. The students (and the instructors) enjoyed watching Monster’s Inc. in Spanish!

On Thursday we headed to the beach in Concón a town very close to Viña. The students participated in a service learning project with Acción Cousteau, an environmental organization dedicated to protecting local marine life and promoting awareness of local environmental issues. The students learned about the job of local fishermen and had the opportunity to learn about and observe the diverse marine life of the Chilean coast. They also participated in a project that hopes to determine which kinds of trash are typically found on the beach in Concón. Students collected the trash and kept track of what they found, which will help contribute to the organization’s research project. It was a unique experience for the students as they were able to learn more about a type of ecosystem that doesn’t exist back in Indiana. Below are some pictures from our trip.

When teachers leave their cameras out, students like to take selfies. They make great additions to the blog! 🙂


Group picture at the beach in Concón.

This weekend we did not have any planned activities with the students. Additionally, Monday is a holiday in Chile, so we did not hold classes today. This week is our trip to Santiago (Friday, July 3). Please check back after that for a blog post about our adventure!

Week 3

One thought on “Week 3

  1. Maddie Blaney says:

    I love reading about what the 2nd chile group is doing. I miss it so much! Seeing music class and that beautiful rocky sea glassy beach make me feel like I was there yesterday! 😦 I can’t wait to go back!


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