Week 4

Hola familias,

We hope you’ve had a lovely 4th of July weekend back in the States! Here in Viña we got to see Chile win the final game of the Copa América last night. When the game ended we could hear the entire city screaming! It was quite the experience.

We only had three days of classes this week due to Monday’s holiday and Friday’s trip to Santiago. Classes went well and the students continue to work hard each day. We are very happy with the effort they have been making and the wonderful quality of their work thus far. We can’t believe there are only 3 more weeks of classes!

The students are making a lot of progress in their dance and music workshops and are looking forward to presenting what they’ve learned at the farewell show at the end of the month. We did not have theatre or sports this week due to the holiday, but we will resume those activities tomorrow. On Wednesday afternoon we took the students downtown to some of the artisanal markets and souvenir stands so they could have some free time to explore a different part of the city.

On Thursday we did service learning with Acción Cousteau again, the same group we worked with last week. This time we visited a local park, the Parque Ecológico La Isla Concón, to help plant trees and bird watch. Several students mentioned that they enjoyed this experience since they got to see many birds that they have never seen before. We are actually featured on the park’s Facebook page this week if anyone would like to check it out! The text is in Spanish, but there are several pictures of the students planting trees and bird watching:


Below are some more pictures from our trip:

IMG_4718 IMG_4744 IMG_4714 IMG_4716 P1070705 P1070718 P1070762 P1070764 P1070775

We had a very early start to Friday morning’s Santiago excursion (8am), but it was worth it because we had a fantastic day. Our first stop was the Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos (Museum of Memory and Human Rights). The students learned more about the coup d’état and subsequent dictatorship that Chile experienced between 1973 and 1990. Although the topic was rather heavy, the museum was a wonderful learning experience and helped students to better understand recent Chilean political history.

After the museum, we enjoyed lunch at a local sandwich shop. It was a nice break before our walking tour of the city, where we got to see many important governmental buildings, the business district, and many parks, plazas and markets.

The group in front of the Palacio de la Moneda.
Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos

Our last stop on the tour was a ride in the funicular up San Cristóbal Hill, where the students enjoyed a view of the entire city. Unfortunately, Santiago was pretty smoggy that day, so our view was not ideal, but we enjoyed our ride anyway and the students took a lot of pictures. We headed back to Viña afterward and the students had the weekend free to spend time with their families and watch the final soccer game in the Copa América. Below are some more pictures from our trip!

Some local high schoolers interviewed Vacketta about Chilean poets!
Some local high schoolers interviewed Vacketta about Chilean poets!
On the funicular!
At the top of Cerro San Cristóbal!
Riding up the hill…

Please check back next week for another update. Next weekend is our 3-day excursion to Valle del Elqui and we will be sure to post lots of pictures!

-Team Viña

Week 4

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